Thursday, October 6, 2016

Boston Globe story on Bill Weld "made up"

Bill Weld: Media Is Publishing “Made-up” Stories About Me (UPDATED) - Hit & Run : - Matt Welch:

October 5, 2016 - "'Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld Gives Up, Will Focus on Preventing Trump Presidency,' is an interpretative summation of a Boston Globe article from yesterday that begins like this: 'The Libertarian vice presidential candidate, William F. Weld, said Tuesday that he plans to focus exclusively on blasting Donald Trump over the next five weeks, a strategic pivot aimed at denying Trump the White House and giving himself a key role in helping to rebuild the GOP.'

"But in a follow-up interview with Reason this afternoon, Weld denied that he was pivoting, denied that he would be focusing 'exclusively' on Trump, and denied that he was working on any political future outside the Libertarian Party.

"'I said to the reporter that I plan to focus on Donald Trump, because I think his international proposals represent a grave threat,' Weld told me, 'but in the same breath I said that I'm not going to omit to make the points that Mrs. Clinton, if she were elected, runs the risk of spending and borrowing us into the poorhouse, and that I think her fiscal policies and her military policies are not at all in line with the approach that Gary Johnson and I will take if elected. So nothing is to the exclusion of anything else. I did convey to the Globe the idea that I would be emphasizing the respects in which I think Mr. Trump's international proposals are wrong-headed, but that's nothing new — I've been saying that since Day One'....

"The Globe piece contains several paraphrased sentiments from unnamed Weld "aides" about things like 'Johnson's flubs on national television,' and then drops this scooplet: 'At one point, Weld strategists researched Libertarian Party rules to see if it were possible for him to take over the top of the ticket'....

"'No, you can't do that — all 50 states have printed their ballots, so it's completely out of the question, even if it was a good idea, which it's not,' Weld told me. But were his 'strategists' looking into the possibility? 'It didn't come to me,' he said.

"The former Massachusetts governor also rejected the Globe's assertion that 'Weld's new plan calls for him to focus his fire on Trump in a handful of red states,' saying 'No, somebody's making that up. I mean, I'm going be tomorrow in Massachusetts, the next two days in New Hampshire, and then in Maine,' he continued. 'Those are not red states the last time I looked' Certainly, Weld's itinerary does not look like the schedule of a candidate who has given up.

"Of particular sensitivity to Libertarians ... was this sentence in the Globe article: 'He insisted he was not abandoning Johnson, although he signaled that bolting from the Libertarian Party might be a possibility in the future." Weld's response? 'No, that's the most made-up of any of these phrases.'"

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