Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where Johnson and Sanders agree (video)

Where Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders Agree | I Agree To See - Kaitlyn Goodman:

October 14, 2016 - "Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson stars in a new political ad for the campaign to ... tell supporters where he and Senator Bernie Sanders agree.

"Johnson begins by explaining that Clinton has been spending millions on attacking him, because he's gaining momentum among millennials and independents – a group Bernie Sanders did well with during the Democratic primary.

"'They supported him because he opposed the wars they oppose – just as I do. The same wars Hillary Clinton has supported and helped send us in to,' Johnson explains.

"Johnson then goes into other topics including crony capitalism, the war on drugs and individual freedom. However, he does concede that [he] and Sanders disagree on one thing – higher taxes. 'I see the dangers in high taxes and in big government,' he goes on....

"The Hill reported in August that Johnson is beating Donald Trump among millennials in Colorado.... And in [nationwide polls last month, Johnson was second [in] millennial support."

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