Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Maxime Bernier a 'reasonable libertarian'

Breakfast with the Tories: Maxime Bernier, the smooth libertarian - CBC News | Opinion - Neil Macdonald:

January 13, 2017 -"Maxime Bernier ... mostly turns the discussion to ... his ideas.  ​

"He's libertarian, to the extent that it's possible to be a libertarian and seek high office in a country that was built on protectionism and entitlement and government being the answer to everything.

"He advocates the end of quotas and supply management for dairy, poultry and eggs. Oh, and maple syrup. Most Canadian politicians — let alone MPs representing rural Canada like Bernier — prefer to leave such topics undiscussed.

"He wants to abolish interprovincial trade barriers. Stopping companies from growing into other Canadian jurisdictions, or stopping workers from travelling between provinces, he characterizes as 'foolish,' 'doubly foolish' and 'ridiculous.'

"Bernier wants an end to what he calls 'corporate welfare,' his term for governments using tax money to pick winners, such as Bombardier and General Motors, and letting losers struggle with market forces.

"He wants to deregulate telecommunications in a country with some of the most expensive cell phone bills on earth. Let other companies come in and compete, he says.

"Ditto for airports and airlines. To Bernier, more competition is always the answer.

"Health care? He rather refreshingly pronounces the Canadian system, with its rationing and waiting lists and regional inequalities, 'abysmal.' Bernier wants to pull the federal government out of health care entirely and transfer tax points to the provinces, which are solely responsible for delivering health care in any event.

"That, he says, would be the end of endless bickering and financial demands from the provinces. He concedes the plan would disadvantage poorer provinces with smaller tax bases, but says that's what equalization is for.

"Bernier avoids the term 'two-tier,' but that's what he's proposing. He wants private delivery, but stresses his support for keeping universal health insurance: 'I'm a libertarian, but I'm reasonable.'

"He would cut taxes. Deeply. Oh, and balance the budget in two years."

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  1. George,

    We already have a two tier health care system. Hey do you think that our PM seeks medical help the same way we do? I think not. In regards to his actions 11 years ago to do with corporate handouts I'm sure he is well aware that it was bad judgement back then and let's just give him the benefit of the doubt that Maxime Bernier will stay principled in that regard. However Bernier has peaked my curiosity by his statement "I'm a libertarian, but I'm reasonable". What is that supposed to mean? Hey fellow Libertarians and the Libertarian Party of Canada I propose we have a face off with him to find out why he thinks that way, eh.

    Abound in liberty,


  2. I can only judge a man by his actions, as his words are empty without being supported by said actions. Mr. Bernier has repeatedly voted against Liberty ( Bill C51 and Bill C16). Now I hear a lot of speak about following the party line and all that jazz, but I have seen what it looks like for a principled Libertarian to try to change a Statist party from within ( Ron Paul). This doesn't strike the as the same type of principled movement. This strikes me as a move to bring the Libertarian camp "back home" to the Conservatives. What is being missed is that we never had a home before the Libertarian Party of Canada. We are not Conservatives and never will be. A conservative may become a Libertarian at some point, but once a Libertarian, you cannot roll back into the Statist group called the Conservative Party. In my humblest of opinions of course.