Sunday, January 8, 2017

Moen slams Trudeau, Trump in year-end interview

Moen Slams Trade Skeptics, Lauds Gold - Sprott Money, Value Walk:

December 29, 2016 - "Tim Moen, leader of the fast-growing Libertarian Party of Canada, took time off during the Holidays to provide insights into key issues facing the Canadian economy in 2017. One priority: partially divesting US dollar holdings and shoring up Canada’s gold reserves.

"Canada’s economy contracted by 0.3% (in October). The unemployment rate came in at 6.8% (in November), two percentage points above the US total. The deficit has skyrocketed. How do you assess the Liberal government’s economic performance?

"It’s hard to imagine a worse set of policy proposals.... Deficits are the wrong thing to do in an economic downturn. When my family hits tough times, we tighten our belts and cut spending.

"When you believe (as most left-wing economists seem to) that wealth is created when government taxes and borrows and directs money to the right areas, then you might think they are on the right track. But any serious economist knows that the market is the most efficient way to distribute money because it does not tolerate foolishness and incompetence.

"Other jurisdictions have discovered that for every job created by government spending another two to four are lost. Nobody considers the unseen costs of these policies.

"What are your views on a future Trump Administration?

"Trump (through his borrow, spend and simplistic anti-trade policies) is offering a hit of heroin to Americans, who in many ways have become a country of heroin junkies when it comes to public policy. They are lapping it up. Trump’s election matters in that he had an anti-establishment message. He hit on a note in an American culture that is sick of the status quo.

"But I remain guarded that this means we are going to see any meaningful change. I don’t get that sense at all. Trump is not pursuing Hillary Clinton like he said he would, and shows no signs of 'draining the swamp,' judging from the number of Goldman Sachs executives and other insiders being nominated to key posts.

"For meaningful change to happen, we need a population that demands liberty, more than the illusion of security, and that is willing to make uncomfortable adjustments and sacrifices right now in their own personal lives in exchange for long-term gains.

"Many in the 'Alt Right' community, a key segment of Trump’s supporters, are coming out in favour of protectionist, anti-trade measures, such as tariffs and increased restrictions on labour mobility. What is your position?

"They are wrong. If obstacles to trade between countries made us richer, why not have walls between states and even cities? As the Smoot-Hawley tariffs showed, trade barriers make everyone poorer....

"Protectionism may save some jobs in the near term but it does so at the expense of everyone else. Many politicians simply don’t understand these basic laws of economics. I blame public education and decades of leftist economic indoctrination."

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  1. Now this is quite clearly written on a misunderstood subject. The left will never have an increase in brain cells, their minds are so dense. I also blame public education (run by the Gov't) as a disincentive to anyone even near the schools. We need to apply basic laws of economics in our lives to counteract gov't theft.