Saturday, June 3, 2017

Libertarian movement "on its last legs," says Campaign for Liberty official

A Revolution Squandered: National Libertarian Events Show a Moribund Movement on its Last Legs | The Liberty Conservative - Shane Trejo:

June 1, 2017 - "Back in 2013, Ron Paul had recently retired from Congress, and spirits were high.... Optimism permeated through the movement, and it was widely believed that his son, Rand, would realize its full promise....

"It took less than four years for all of those gains to be completely pissed away.... How could this movement fall to pieces so fast? The answer to this distressing question becomes self-evident when you pay attention to the actions of the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Libertarian Party. Both organizations held separate conventions this past weekend.

"The bulk of each conference consisted of nobodies telling other nobodies how not to achieve any tangible success. Reminiscent of chickens running around with their heads cut off, it is difficult to fathom what value a libertarian could possibly gain from attending one of these conferences....

"The RLC ... schedule was particularly underwhelming.... This time, the only elected official on the docket was Congressman Ted Yoho. Yoho, a Freedom Caucus member, was presumably chosen because the organization did not have the resources to fly out-of-state public officials to the Orlando event. This obvious lack of resources and functionality in the RLC is due to the gross mismanagement of the organization by the entrenched leadership.

"Of course, there was no change in the status quo.... The same officials returned to their spots despite chronic malfeasance. Most shamefully, liberaltarian crybaby Dave Nalle was retained as an 'At Large' board member of the RLC. Although he abandoned the organization and the Republican Party publicly last year ... to support his “Republicans for Gary Johnson' organization, which, like all of Nalle’s endeavors, achieved bupkis for the cause of liberty. The Gary Johnson Presidential campaign that was, of course, an incredible embarrassment that set the movement back immeasurably....

"As bad as the RLC may be, that organization still cannot hold a candle to the Libertarian Party when it comes to shaming the cause.

"The Libertarian Party held its Libertarian State Leadership Association this past weekend.... Keep in mind, this is not some ordinary event.... This is the heart and soul of the party. Always aching to put its best foot forward, here is what the official party posted on Twitter from the conference:
  • #LSLA2017: Keeping the Libertarian Party an unwelcome place for the #AltRight and Nazis.
  • Using fully informed juries to protect minorities #LSLA2017 panel #FIJA
"Never fear, minorities! These white people are coming to save you.

"LP members, it is time for a reality check. The organization is already doing a good enough job of keeping people out of the party. That is the last thing the LP needs to focus upon. Nobody with any dignity or self-respect wants to be anywhere near your clown show.... None of these alt-right bogeymen are ever showing up. They are already part of an interesting and vibrant movement that is gaining steam, so why would they ever want to trade down to some laughable freak show?"

Shane Trejo is the Media Relations Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan, State Director of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center, and County Coordinator for Michigan Campaign for Liberty.

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