Friday, June 30, 2017

Nebraska Libertarian registrations top 12,000

Libertarian Party is trending upwards in Nebraska - Max Massey, 1011 News (KOLN):

June 29, 2017 - "[A] third party is growing across Nebraska: The Libertarian Party....

"Trevor Reilly .. is the chair for the Lancaster County Libertarian Party, but just a few years ago he was in the marines and a registered Republican, then he decided he wanted a change.

"'Being a prior Republican I didn't agree with a lot of it, I didn't agree with the Trump media going on, so when I found the Libertarian party, I jumped into the campaign,' said Reilly.

"Trevor's not the only high ranking Libertarian who is a former member of the Grand Old Party.

"Senator Laura Ebke is the only Libertarian senator in the unicameral, and said the political shift is becoming more and more apparent....

"Right now there are less than 13,000 registered Libertarians, but Senator Ebke believes this is only the start.... The latest registered voter numbers show the Libertarian party is growing at a faster rate than the two major parties.

"Party members understand they are still a very small percentage, but there are plans to grow.

"'Starting to run people for local elections, city county offices, school board and things like that, so I think that's a win and that's a way you build a party,' said Senator Ebke....

"'Right now the state party's goal is to actually get 50,000 registered Libertarian voters by 2020,' said Reilly.

"'If we get to 50,000 that's big, for Nebraska, that's a significant amount of the voting population, and we can make a difference in a lot of elections then,' said Senator Ebke."

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