Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Thousands march against government in Cuba

Thousands march against government in Cuba | CBC News - Associated Press: 

July 11, 2021 - "Thousands of Cubans marched on Havana's Malecon promenade and elsewhere on the island Sunday to protest food shortages and high prices amid the coronavirus crisis, in one of the biggest anti-government demonstrations in memory. Many young people took part in the afternoon protest in the capital, which disrupted traffic until police moved in after several hours and broke up the march when a few protesters threw rocks.... Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in decades, along with a resurgence of coronavirus cases, as it suffers the consequences of U.S. sanctions imposed by the Trump administration....

"The demonstration grew to a few thousand in the vicinity of Galeano Avenue and the marchers pressed on despite a few charges by police officers and tear gas barrages. People standing on many balconies along the central artery in the Centro Habana neighbourhood applauded the protesters passing by. Others joined in the march. Although many people tried to take out their cellphones and broadcast the protest live, Cuban authorities shut down internet service throughout the afternoon.

"About two-and-a-half hours into the march, some protesters pulled up cobblestones and threw them at police, at which point officers began arresting people and the marchers dispersed. A group of government supporters also arrived in the area shouting slogans in favour of the late president Fidel Castro and the revolution. Some of them assaulted a cameraman and an AP photographer.

"Demonstrations were also held elsewhere on the island, including the small town of San Antonio de los Banos, where people protested power outages and were visited by President Miguel Díaz-Canel. He entered a few homes, where he took questions from residents. Afterward, though, he accused Cuban Americans of stirring up trouble."
Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/anti-government-protests-cuba-food-shortages-high-prices-1.6098704

Cuba protests: Arrests after thousands rally against government | BBC News:

July 13, 2021 - "Dozens of people have been arrested in Cuba after thousands joined the biggest protests for decades against the island's Communist government, media and opposition sources say. Unauthorised public gatherings are illegal in Cuba and protests are rare. Images on social media showed what appeared to be security forces detaining, beating and pepper-spraying some of the protesters.

"Cuba's president labelled those protesting 'mercenaries'. In a four-hour-long televised address President Miguel Díaz-Canel slammed protestors as 'counter-revolutionaries' while his foreign minister alleged the demonstrations had been financed and instigated by the United States.... Figures compiled by legal help centre Cubalex suggest around 100 people were arrested on Sunday.... 

"There were reports of internet blackouts across the island. Access to mobile internet was rolled out in December 2018 in Cuba but is controlled by the state-owned telecommunications company Etecsa. Internet monitoring site Netblocks said access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram had been restricted by Etecsa's servers. Mobile internet is the main way for Cubans to access independent news and many said the blackouts had increased the sense of ominous unease following the protests. 

"There also appeared to be a heightened presence of security forces with one Havana resident reporting that 'the streets are full of police....There are police at every corner and practically all you see going past is police patrols.'"
Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-57813704

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  1. "...sanctions imposed by the Trump administration." I guess the dimwits at AP think Trump was in power in the 1960s. And '70s. And '80s. And '90s. And 2000s... And here I thought presidents had a two-term limit.