Monday, July 5, 2021

Ugandans jailed, killed for violating Covid orders

Ugandans to be jailed for violating Covid rules | BBC News - Patience Atuhaire:

July 4, 2021 - "Ugandans who violate the Covid pandemic control restrictions may go to jail for up to two months. According to new rules released by the health ministry in a statutory document, those found operating banned businesses such as bars, night clubs, cinemas and shops selling non-food items face time in prison.

"Current lockdown measures also restrict cultural ceremonies like weddings to only 20 people, and anyone found hosting a larger number might be jailed. Heads of households or owners of premises or property who fail to report people infected with Covid-19 to health officials may be imprisoned as well. Not wearing a mask outside of one’s residence or assisting someone to escape from quarantine, could land one in jail.

"Since the country first went into lockdown in March 2020, security forces have in some cases meted out violence on the public while enforcing control measures and several people have been killed."

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Ugandans Face 2 Months’ Imprisonment for Violating COVID Laws | Voice of America - Halima Athumani:

July 03, 2021 - "[T]hrough July, anyone found praying in an open space or outside a church or a mosque, not wearing masks, hawking, street vending and selling nonfood items will be sentenced to two months in jail. Anyone found operating a bar or a movie theater, attending a seminar, cultural event or indoor sports event could face jail time if convicted.

"State minister for health Anifa Kawooya says the law is necessary. 'These penalties are not punishments. In one way, it is to instill attitude change,' said Kawooya. 'That the moment that you know that if I don’t observe these SOPs [standard operating procedures], this will happen.'

"The new law also prohibits entry of visitors from India, other than Ugandan citizens or residents. Anyone who aids in the escape of someone confined in a place designated for isolation or quarantine of COVID-19 can also be imprisoned for two months."

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  1. Petty we cant put all those corrupt political officials in jail instead and those police officers who shot their own citizens to join them.