Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ron Paul money bomb raises over $400,000

Ron Paul money bomb raises over $400,000 - George Dance, Nolan Chart, Feb. 22, 2011:

"A Presidents Day money bomb for U.S. Congressman Ron Paul raised more than $400,000 in 24 hours on February 21, rekindling speculation that Paul will be running for President in 2012.

"The proceeds went to Paul's political action committee, Liberty PAC, bringing the amount raised by the PAC in February to over $700,000.... On February 8, 2011, the PAC launched a revamped website and announced a 'new political effort.' 'Liberty PAC will play a critical role in Congressman Paul's political activities in 2011 and 2012,' said PAC director Jesse Benton.

"Liberty PAC's current mission is 'to fund Congressman Ron Paul's political activities as he travels the country to fight for the principles we hold dear: Liberty, Limited Government and a strong, pro-American foreign policy.'"


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