Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weigel : Smearing Ron and Rand Paul

Weigel : Smearing Ron and Rand Paul - Slate, Feb. 18, 2011: 

"Another day, another vitriolic and personal David Horowitz attack on a conservative who doesn't meet his purity test. Today he amplifies Gary Bauer's call to action against a proposal from Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex., to cut foreign aid to Israel.

"'Long ago Bill Buckley drummed the anti-Semites out of the conservative movement, and the movement thrived as a result. But the Jew-haters have returned. For years the Texas crackpot, Ron Paul, has been attacking America and Israel as imperialist powers — the Great Satan and the Little Satan, and calling for America’s retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies. '...

Paul did propose cutting aid to Israel, as part of legislation cutting aid to all Middle Eastern nations. This is the same thing his son Rand has proposed in the Senate. For some reason, as the younger Paul told me at CPAC, all anyone wants to talk about is the aid to Israel."

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