Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will property rights finally get Charter protection? | National Post

Tasha Kheiriddin: Will property rights finally get Charter protection? | Full Comment | National Post, Feb. 24, 2011:

"On February 24, federal MP Scott Reid and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier held a joint press conference to promote the protection of a basic human right: the right to property. The two politicians will be introducing resolutions in their respective legislatures which would entrench constitutional protection to property rights in Ontario – and hopefully spark a move to enact similar protection in the rest of Canada as well....

"They propose to use section 43 of the Charter, which allows for an amendment affecting only one or more provinces (but not all) to be made by the Governor General, following the adoption of resolutions passed by the legislatures of the affected jurisdictions and both Houses of the federal Parliament.

"While the results of their efforts would apply only in Ontario, there is no doubt that they could encourage the citizens of other provinces to demand that their governments do the same – and pave the way for the national protection of these rights."

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