Monday, August 29, 2011

Billionaire to build new countries at sea

Billionaire to build new countries at sea | The Sun | News - Carl Stroud:

August 25, 2011: "PayPal founder Peter Thiel is funding a project that intends to create new societies governed in a radically different manner from conventional states.

"The communities would be run according to libertarian ideals and be housed on gargantuan ocean platforms ... a 'kind of floating Petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians, stymied by indifference at the voting booths, have been unable to advance: no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage and few restrictions on weapons'.

"Thiel, 43, who is worth an estimated $1.5 billion — or £910 million — has given £763,000 to the Seasteading Institute planning to build the floating nations.

"The institute is run by Patri Friedman, the grandson of Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman."

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