Friday, August 5, 2011

Gov. Gary Johnson says NH the best, Michigan the worst political climate

Gov. Gary Johnson says NH the best, Michigan the worst political climate - Grant Bosse, New Hampshire, Aug. 4, 2011:

"Johnson shared his experiences on the campaign trail with New Hampshire Watchdog during a stop at the Manchester Farmers Market on Thursday.  Yesterday, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 500 points, Johnson argued that the debt ceiling deal didn’t fool Wall Street....

“'What politicians could have done is created a certain environment that spending is going to be cut, and the reality is just the opposite, and I think Wall Street is reflecting that,' Johnson said.  'The solution period is stop printing money.  The solution is cutting government spending by 43%.'

"Earlier in the day, he pushed his support for the Fair Tax to replace the federal income tax. Johnson argues that taxing consumption is a less disruptive way for the government to raise the revenue it needs, without punishing productivity. He says consumers can control what they purchase`. Johnson adds: 'And it’s simple.  Doing away with the IRS, no more IRS.'

“While Johnson is starting a three-day swing through the Granite State, many of his fellow Republicans are concentrating on Iowa.... Johnson says he’s betting on New Hampshire, which has a history of vaulting lesser known candidates into national prominence. `It’s not quite as expensive here in New Hampshire, and I am putting my chips on the table here in New Hampshire,' Johnson explains.”

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