Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ron Paul Sends Son Rand to Take Down Mitt Romney | Death and Taxes

Ron Paul Sends Son Rand to Take Down Mitt Romney | Death and Taxes - Andrew Belansky, Aug. 2. 2011:

"Senator Rand Paul ... recently penned a 6-page letter for New Hampshire voters.... A few paragraphs down, Paul begins his subtle digs at Romney.... Paul then gets more explicit about whom he’s dissing: ’It surely isn’t time to elect someone who passed the blueprint for ObamaCare while Governor of Massachusetts’.... The Republican then lobs another ’flip-flop’ charge, one oft-associated with Romney, writing, ’One of the things that has always made me the most proud of my Dad is that he is the same in private as he is in public – strong in his beliefs and sure in his convictions… You won’t see any “flip flops” or telling different ideas to different audiences.’

"Rand Paul has made it clear he plans on playing a central role in his father’s campaign. He’s wise to focus on New Hampshire.... Paul won the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers‘ straw poll with 39 points, 30 points more than Romney, (but) Romney received 32 percent in a CNN/WMUR survey of New Hampshire GOP voters, and Paul only received 9.

"In terms of money, meanwhile, Romney dominates New Hampshire fundraising with $98,775, seconded by rival Paul, who raised a comparatively scant $33,095."

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Here’s a PDF of Rand Paul’s New Hampshire letter, via Politico.

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