Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gary Johnson polls at 20% in NM as a LIbertarian | United Liberty

Could Gary Johnson play a role in November? | United Liberty | Free Market - Individual Liberty - Limited Government - Chris Frashure:

Dec. 19, 2011 - "With Gary Johnson all but having officially announced that he will seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, Public Policy Polling included him in a poll of voters in his home state. The result? 'In a 3 way contest with Obama and Romney he gets 23% with Obama at 44% and Romney at 27%.  And in a 3 way with Gingrich, Johnson gets 20% to 45% for Obama and 28% for Gingrich.'

"If he can build a national campaign and garner a finish within the ballpark of the results of this poll, Gary Johnson can show that a significant number of Americans are fed up with the two major parties....
If, by some chance, a Libertarian Gary Johnson could win New Mexico, he could give birth to an all new partisan libertarian movement."

Read more: http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/9221-could-gary-johnson-play-a-role-in-november
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