Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ron Paul closing in on top spot in Iowa race | News | National Post

Ron Paul closing in on top spot in Iowa race | News | National Post - John Whitesides:

Dec. 8, 2011 - "DES MOINES, Iowa - Could Republican Ron Paul ... steal the first big prize of the 2012 presidential race in Iowa?

"While the heavyweight fight between rivals Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney hogs the headlines, Paul has steadily climbed into contention in the state.... Recent polls show Paul in second place in Iowa, behind the surging Gingrich and essentially even with Romney....

"Paul, the Texas congressman and doctor, has two big strengths that make him a wild card.... He has an enthusiastic and loyal band of supporters, many young and new to politics, that has grown since his failed 2008 presidential bid. And Iowa political activists rate his campaign organization as the best in the state.

“'Ron Paul can absolutely win the Iowa caucuses,' said Steve Deace, a conservative radio host in Iowa. 'His people are the most passionate, his support is underestimated and his ground game is the best.'

"Paul has seen his libertarian platform of limited government, reduced spending and deep deficit cuts become standard Republican orthodoxy since ... 2008.... Paul’s Iowa support ... hit 18 percent in last weekend’s Des Moines Register Iowa poll, up from 12 percent in October and 7 percent in June."

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