Friday, December 30, 2011

Gary Johnson's New Hampshire team is supporting Ron Paul for the primaries

Gary Johnson's New Hampshire Team is Supporting Ron Paul for the Primaries - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine - Lucy Steigerwald:

December 30, 2011 - "Now that Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has left the Republican race and is going for the Libertarian Party's nomination, ... Gary Johnson's New Hampshire staffers have switched to supporting Ron Paul, at least for the duration of the Republican primary race. (They have not, however, officially joined the Paul campaign, nor are they getting paid.)

"Johnson, who, like Paul in '07 suffered the 'no respect' effect, doesn't seem offended by this buffet-style small government sampling. In fact, Johnson recently told the Daily Caller that 'yeah,' his supporters should vote for Ron Paul in the general election, but:

"'I’m believing that Ron Paul is not going to win the nomination, and that is the exciting part about this for me. I do think it is about an agenda and a message. I think Ron Paul’s a messenger. I think that I am. I think there are others.'

"Johnson ... was a member of the Libertarian Party even while serving as Republican Governor of New Mexico."

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