Monday, January 16, 2012

Canada's Liberal Party votes to support legalizing marijuana

Canada's Liberal Party votes to support legalizing marijuana - Marcus Hondro, Digital Journal:

January 15, 2012 - "The Canadian Liberal Party, at a biannual Party convention, voted on Jan 15 to support the legalization of marijuana....

"'There is no doubt that there’s a strong will from the membership to have this part of our election platform,' Samuel Lavoie, the president of the Young Liberals of Canada, told reporters on the convention floor in Ottawa. 'As to whether it will be a platform commitment in 2015, we will see....'

"Lavoie and his group ... were pleased with the 77 percent support it got. As Lavoie's remarks suggest, the vote does not mean legalizing marijuana will become part of the Liberal Party's official platform in 2015 but as they review it further it may well be. Had the resolution failed it almost certainly would not have."

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