Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron Paul returns to SC after 4-day absence

Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence - Mackenzie Weinger -

January 15, 2011 - "Ron Paul returned from a four-day absence from the trail Sunday with what his campaign dubbed a 'game-changing' endorsement: A local state senator ... Tom Davis, a well-known fiscal conservative who served as chief of staff under Gov. Mark Sanford before being elected to the legislature....

"Davis said he’d met with all of the major Republican contenders — he particularly called out Jon Huntsman as a 'fine man' — but his decision stemmed from Paul’s focus on the debt....

"'Dr. Paul is somebody that I’ve watched for the past 26 years and I’ve always admired the principled stands he’s taken in Congress,' Davis told the overflowing crowd at the rally here Sunday that was Paul’s only stop of the day.

"Paul, who gave [his] typical stump speech focused on economics and personal liberty, told the cheering crowd he had heard Davis was a 'very popular senator, and now I believe that.... I really appreciate his vote of confidence in giving me this wonderful endorsement.'”

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