Sunday, September 30, 2012

Johnson backs medical marijuana legalization

Gary Johnson backs ballot drive to legalize marijuana as medicine - Tampa Bay Times - Mark Caputo, Miami Herald:

September 28, 2012 - "'Johnson is expected to endorse the current effort to put a Constitutional Amendment to legalize Medicinal Marijuana on the Florida ballot in 2014,' said Johnson's Florida political adviser, Roger Stone, a one-time GOP operative who lives in Miami Beach.

The marijuana proposal faces a series of tough challenges in Florida....

"The People United for Medical Marijuana committee, called PUFMM, ... has raised $40,628 and spent $33,470 since 2009 to get medical-marijuana on the Florida ballot. It needs 676,811 valid voter signatures but has collected just 100,000 so far, said PUFMM's Florida Chairwoman Kim Russell.

"If the measure makes the ballot, it would then face the daunting requirement that it pass with 60 percent of the vote."

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