Friday, September 14, 2012

Johnson wins PA ballot fight; GOP to Appeal

Libertarian Gary Johnson Wins First Ballot Fight; GOP to Appeal | PoliticsPA:

September 14, 2012 - "A Pa. Court ruled that Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has enough petition signatures to appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania, but Republicans are expected to appeal the decision....

"Commonwealth Court judges sided with Johnson by a margin of 2-1 on Thursday, according to the Associated Press. They ruled that about 9,000 of the candidate’s petition signatures are valid despite the fact that voters’ home addresses from the petitions did not match the addresses listed in the voting file.

"Another Libertarian candidate, Rayburn Smith, is also being challenged. He’s running for U.S. Senate against Sen. Bob Casey and Republican Tom Smith.

"Johnson is on the ballot in 47 states.... Johnson’s candidacy has worried some Republicans who fear that the fiscal conservative could siphon votes away from Romney ... given the warm reception Johnson has received from disaffected supporters of former candidate Ron Paul."

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