Thursday, November 1, 2012

Libertarian Marc Victor Targeted in Arizona Senate Race by Wealthy Super PAC

Libertarian Marc Victor, of All People, Targeted in Arizona Senate Race by Wealthy Super PAC - Phoenix New Times - News - Valley Fever - Matthew Hendley::

October 31, 2012 - "One of the biggest 'Super PACs' in the nation is focusing part of its cash on the U.S. Senate Race that will undoubtedly be won by Democrat Richard Carmona or Republican Jeff Flake. However, the Ending Spending Fund -- which has spent $9 million in races this year, the 10th-most of any Super PAC in the nation -- is targeting Libertarian candidate Marc Victor....

"'Every morning, Harry Reid wakes up, eats his breakfast, and says a little prayer that Libertarians will vote for Marc Victor,' the ad we found on Facebook says. 'Harry is desperate to keep the Senate. And, polling at less than 5%, he knows that a vote for Marc Victor is really a vote for Richard Carmona'....

Victor tells New Times. 'I'm just promoting freedom.... Jeff Flake is pretending to be a Libertarian, pretending to be for freedom and free markets.... He can't even come out against the drug war,' Victor continues. 'For me, that's the easiest thing to come out against.'

"Victor says it seems like Flake's campaign wanted him to withdraw from the race, and he would -- 'if it were in the interests of freedom. If Jeff Flake says he'll end the drug war, I'll withdraw.'"

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