Saturday, December 1, 2012

Caution on the Cliff From a Flat-Tax Flagwaver

Caution on the Cliff From a Flat-Tax Flagwaver - The Fiscal Times, Maureen Mackey - November 30, 2012:

"New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, ... the Libertarian Party candidate who received more than one million votes in this year’s presidential election, sent an email to supporters and others on Friday afternoon from his home in New Mexico. He said, “In Washington, their definition of a "cliff" is that government spending will be cut next year by slightly more than $100 billion, if Congress and the president don’t come to an agreement to cut spending by less than that.

"'With a $16 trillion debt and trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see,' he added, 'only in Washington would cutting $100 billion be viewed as an impending disaster'....

"So – 'here we go again,' says Johnson. 'That sound you hear is the can being kicked down the road.' He predicts that after three weeks of 'posturing and posing,' the country’s political leaders will “cut a deal to once again avoid dealing with the disastrous debt problem.'

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