Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Libertarian and environmental groups unite against five-year farm bill | AgriPulse

Libertarian and environmental groups unite against five-year farm bill | AgriPulse: Sarah Gonzalez, Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc.:

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 10, 2012- Conservative and taxpayer groups joined the Environmental Working Group (EWG) today to oppose passage of a five-year farm bill during the lame duck session as an attachment to a fiscal cliff package.

"During a press conference titled, 'No Secret Farm Bill in Fiscal Cliff Deal,' several speakers requested that Congress pass a one-year extension of current policy, but eliminate direct payments as a 'down payment' toward deficit reduction.

"'A five-year bill will have sweeping fiscal, social and environmental impacts and should be the result of careful and transparent deliberation. In our view, this Congress simply does not have the time to undertake such legislation this year,' according to an open letter to members of the House sent last month, signed by several groups including Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform and Heritage Action for America.

"The groups represented today claim the proposed farm bill would cost $1 trillion over the next ten years, and would exceed its Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score as did the previous two farm bills.

"CBO estimates the House Agriculture Committee’s farm bill would save more than $35 billion and the Senate bill would save more than $23 billion, with an overall cost of around $960 billion over ten years.'"

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