Sunday, December 23, 2012

Op-Ed: Top five books to get a libertarian this Christmas

Op-Ed: Top five books to get a libertarian this Christmas - Andrew Moran, Digital Journal:

December 19, 2012 - "If you haven't finished your shopping for that special libertarian in your life then here are five books to give that Ron Paul supporter, proponent of Austrian Economics and hater of big government.

"If you have ever come across a libertarian, one thing you’ll understand right away is that they have an extensive collection of books, whether it’s political theory (Frederic Bastiat), economic thought (Friedrich Hayek) and/or issues that affect personal freedom (Ron Paul).

"However, since there is a large selection of books out there, it’s pretty much a given that a libertarian in the United States or Canada doesn’t have every single book by Murray N. Rothbard, Milton Friedman or Thomas Sowell ... now would be the perfect time to surprise the libertarian in your life with some free market economics."

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