Thursday, July 25, 2013

Libertarian Party grows as voters seek alternatives

Libertarian party grows as voters seek alternatives | Metronews Ottawa - Graham Lanktree:

July 24, 2013 - "Libertarian Ottawa South candidate Jean-Serge Brisson doesn’t count on winning your vote – he just wants you to know there’s an alternative....

"'The reason why we’re running is to let the people know that there is a different ideology rather than letting the government do everything,' he said, adding that the party hopes to have 107 candidates in Ontario’s next provincial election, up from 50 in 2011....

"Simply put, he said, Libertarianism is based on the idea that 'the freer you are, the more prosperous you can be.' The party’s focus is on police, justice and protecting private property. 'Eliminate a lot of the programs and services and push it back on the private sector,' Brisson explains.

"So what would he cut first?

"The Green Energy Act. Brisson said he believes government subsidies to get green energy businesses on track are a waste of money. 'Because it’s relying on government subsidy, it can’t prevail or have the private sector get into it,' Brisson said."

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