Monday, September 8, 2014

Feliciano loses GOP primary, still in as Libertarian

Vermont primary reveals dissent against establishment gubernatorial candidates « - Bruce Parker, Vermont Watchdog:

August 27, 2014 - "In a primary election marked by low voter turnout and scores of unchallenged races, Vermont’s major party establishment candidates saw significant protest votes....

"On the Republican side of the aisle, moderate establishment candidate Scott Milne won the support of 72 percent of the vote, but not without a serious threat from Libertarian Dan Feliciano, who mounted a last-minute write-in campaign to be the Republican Party nominee for governor.

"Practically unknown until one month ago, Feliciano went viral on the Internet after blasting Shumlin on single-payer and taxes. As of Wednesday morning, the Keurig Green Mountain employee from Essex had garnered more than 2,000 votes of the total 14,000 votes cast on the Republican ticket.

"Far from viewing the primary as a loss, Feliciano said his write-in tallies prove he now has the name recognition to share a stage with establishment party candidates Shumlin and Milne — yet as a third party candidate.

"'I’ll continue on as the Libertarian candidate carrying the flag of stopping single payer, reducing costs, promoting school choice and reducing property taxes,' Feliciano told Vermont Watchdog. 'I’ll continue onward with my message and put on a good battle and go head-to-head with Peter Shumlin. I’ll still carry the flag, and I’ll continue with the ground force I have that’s growing every day.'

"Feliciano became an overnight social media sensation after strongly opposing Shumlin’s single-payer health care agenda. Under single-payer, the government — not private insurance companies — would pay all health care costs for all Vermonters using taxpayer dollars....The Libertarian has developed major viral buzz on Facebook and Twitter, and even garnered national attention from The Blaze. His campaign even won significant endorsements from the vice chair and treasurer of the Vermont Republican Party."

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