Sunday, September 28, 2014

Q&A with Bruce Majors, DC Libertarian for mayor

Q&A With Bruce Majors, DC’s Libertarian Candidate for Mayor | Politics | Washingtonian:

September 25, 2014 - "If DC’s mayoral race has been a bit drab so far, don’t blame Bruce Majors. The Libertarian candidate for mayor brings humor and an enthusiasm for libertarianism—which began with his introduction to the writings of Ayn Rand when he was in ninth grade—to the race. Majors, a realtor by day, saw that steadfast devotion pay off two years ago when he garnered more than 16,000 votes in his first political campaign. (Mayor Vince Gray won with 97,978 votes.) Major’s haul was more than enough votes for the Libertarians to become an official party for the first time on a DC ballot. 

"Majors is running again, spreading the Libertarian philosophy along the way — 'Let people do what they want, and then address a problem if there is one,' he summarizes — and touting the fact that his party is the fastest growing in DC. We chatted with him about his positions and his goals as an underdog candidate in the mayoral race.

What does your party want to achieve? 

"We want to replace the current paradigm with one where everyone makes choices about their own lives, their own bodies, and their own children. I’m sure occasionally there will be a case where somebody’s doing something and you will have to step in and do something about it, but don’t manage them from the very beginning."

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