Monday, November 10, 2014

Some bright spots for Libertarians in 2014 vote

A Few Bright Spots for Libertarians in Yesterday’s Election Results - Austin Cassidy, Uncovered Politics:

November 5, 2014 - "The Libertarian Party didn’t fare particularly well in most races yesterday. Rather than being a breakout year for alternative parties, voters made this a big wave year for Republicans.... In some key races we were watching, support for Libertarians failed to fully materialize....

"Libertarian Chad Monnin spent hundreds of thousands of his own dollars to mount a bid for Ohio State House, but wound up a distant third place with only about 8% of the vote. In South Carolina, Jeremy Walters won only 20% in a race against a Republican for the legislature. He had previously won 47% in a one-on-one contest against an independent in 2012.

"But in Washington state, several Libertarians posted strong one-on-one showings of 30% or more in state house races.

"The party’s candidate, John Monds, won 31% in a one-on-one statewide race for Georgia Public Service Commission.  Steve Golter captured over 40% in a race for a seat on the Colorado University Board of Regents.  Both were partisan elections and both candidates were running as Libertarians.

"Michael Knebel the party’s candidate for Nebraska Treasurer appears to have just broken the 5% mark, meaning that the LP will retain ballot access in Nebraska.

"Adrian Wyllie won more than 220,000 votes in a hotly contested governor’s race, setting a new Florida record for the LP in a statewide contest.

"In the race for Alaska state house district 19, Libertarian Cean Stevens won about 37% of the vote.  This looks like it may be the party’s high water mark for state legislative candidates in 2014."

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