Thursday, November 27, 2014

Libertarian student group revived at Princeton U.

Princeton Libertarians group revived after yearlong absence - The Daily Princetonian - Linda Song:

November 24, 2014 - The Princeton Libertarians — a political group formerly known as the College Libertarians, which existed until 2013 — has recently been revived.

"Club president Andy Loo '16 said that he revived the club to promote intellectual discussion on the political philosophy of libertarianism, explaining that libertarianism is predicated on the idea of self-ownership.

"'All libertarian theory is based on one premise, which is the concept of self-ownership — each person owns his body and his property and the consequence of this is that no one should initiate physical force on another person either directly or indirectly,' Loo said. 'You should not force others nor should you accept others' attempts to force you.'

"Loo added that a libertarian philosophy states that the government’s role is to protect human rights from physical aggression. He added that the government can never violate these rights, and should never use force against anyone other than criminals. The government can use force against criminals, he said, because criminals themselves have violated human rights by using force against others.

"Loo noted that an estimated 20 students recently subscribed to the Princeton Libertarians email distribution after he sent out a recruitment email."

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