Friday, November 7, 2014

Did Haugh 'spoil' election for Democrat in NC?

Analysis: Did Libertarian votes hurt Kay Hagan? - Meghan Molleruss, WFMY:

November 5, 2014 - "In the day following Democratic incumbent senator Kay Hagan's loss to Republican challenger Thom Tillis, voters speculate what role Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh played in the end result.

"North Carolina House speaker Tillis clinched victory by two percent over incumbent Hagan, who was favored in the majority of polls leading into Tuesday's Mid-Term Elections. Final numbers indicated Tillis received 49 percent of the vote. Hagan received 47 percent. Haugh received four percent -- a historically large number for a third party in Mid-Term Elections.

"Past elections and party platforms suggest Libertarian candidates tend to take away votes from Republican candidates. But, the trend might have been the opposite in this Senate race, according to a political poll.

"Elon Poll director Kenneth Fernandez, Ph.D. said, 'We (Elon Poll) did an online survey, and we found that basically two-thirds of the votes were being stolen from Hagan'....

"He added, 'I think this is a tough, tough decision for Hagan to think -- could I have done something different to woo those Sean Haugh voters or maybe have tacked Tillis to woo some independents? Tillis did much, much better with independents.'"

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