Monday, May 9, 2016

GOP strategist re-registers as Libertarian

Mary Matalin registers as Libertarian, says 'I'm a provisional Trumpster' - POLITICO - Nick Gass:

May 6, 2016 - "Longtime Republican strategist Mary Matalin says she changed her affiliation to the Libertarian Party on Thursday, but insisted that does not mean she will not vote for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

"'I'm a never Hillary and I’m a provisional Trump,' said Matalin, who is married to Democratic strategist and Clinton surrogate James Carville, in an interview with Bloomberg Politics' 'With All Due Respect.' Matalin said she likes Trump's 'attitude' and 'strategic chutzpah'....

"Asked why she chose to register as a Libertarian on Thursday, two days after Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, Matalin insisted it was purely coincidental.

"Because I'm a Republican in the Jeffersonian, Madisonian sense," she said. "I'm not a Republican for party or a person, and the Libertarian Party represents — continues to represent — those constitutional principles that I agree with'....

"Co-host Mark Halperin pressed her minutes later, asking whether there truly is no connection between leaving the Republican Party and Trump becoming the presumptive nominee.

"'Let me make this clear here, Mark and my friends there. I am never Hillary, I am always liberty,' she said. 'As you know, and I’ve said it publicly here and in many places, after two successive blowout elections for conservatives with a nonresponse from Washington, a lot of conservatives are angry with the party. The party was falling apart. I can still vote for Republicans. I will never vote for Hillary and never Trump means always liberty. Hence, Libertarian'....

"Asked what kind of a story it would be if her husband, Carville, left the Democratic Party, Matalin smirked. 'I think it would be a juicy story for me and it would contribute mightily to marital tranquility, I’ll say,' she remarked."

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