Thursday, May 5, 2016

Libertarians see surge in interest, memberships

Google Searches for 'Libertarian Party' Surge Following Trump Win - Breitbart - Allum Bokhari:
May 4, 2016 - "Google searches for the 'Libertarian Party' surged last night following the exit of Senator Ted Cruz from the Republican race after his decisive loss to [Donald] Trump in the Indiana primary.
"This was matched by searches for Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and the party’s candidate in 2012. Johnson is once again seeking the party’s nomination in 2016, although he must first overcome challenges from software entrepreneur John McAfee and Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen.
"Interest in Johnson also surged on Reddit, where a post from a user 'terrified of a Trump-Clinton choice' went viral. The user urged other Redditors to 'submit and upvote information about Gary Johnson like crazy.' Reddit users obliged, giving the post enough votes to reach the site’s widely-read front page.
"The post was originally submitted to the /r/libertarian subreddit, where submissions rarely, if ever, garner enough attention to move so far up the rankings.
"Both Johnson and his leadership rival, Petersen, were quick to welcome disaffected Republicans on Twitter."
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Libertarian Party membership applications double after Trump becomes GOP nominee | Washington Examiner - Asche Schow:
May 4, 2016 - "In the hours after the polls closed in Indiana and it was announced that businessman Donald Trump had won the Republican presidential primary — thereby ending Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign — the Libertarian Party saw a doubling of its new membership applications.
"Between 7 p.m. Tuesday evening and noon on Wednesday, the Libertarian Party received 99 new memberships. For the same time period a day earlier, the LP received only 46 new memberships.
"In an email to the Washington Examiner, LP Executive Director Wes Benedict said he was unaware of any social media efforts by the party to recruit new members, and believed the increase was in response to Trump becoming the clear Republican nominee."
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