Monday, May 2, 2016

McAfee gets star treatment at NY convention

Truth or fiction? John McAfee for the Libertarian party's presidential nominee | US news | The Guardian - Adam Gabbatt:

May 1, 2016 - "The New York state Libertarian party convention was held in New York City on Saturday. It started at 10am. It grew lively at noon, the hour John McAfee showed up.

"The anti-virus software mogul and one-time international fugitive had turned into a presidential hopeful, and he arrived at the convention dressed like an ageing rocker: blond streaks in his hair, aviator sunglasses hooked into the neck of his white T-shirt and a flamboyant paisley scarf draped around his neck.

"McAfee, who infamously went on the run from Belize police in 2012 after being named as a 'person of interest' in a murder case, would later tell the Guardian he never went out at night for fear that the government of Belize might try to 'whack' him.... That threat aside, the 70-year-old seemed to be enjoying himself as he overshadowed the rest of Libertarian party nominees at the convention in the East Village. He was in the city to debate his fellow hopefuls, including the party’s 2012 candidate, Gary Johnson.... But there was no doubting who was the star on Saturday.

"Rather than immediately enter the convention ... McAfee posted up outside, having his photograph taken with Libertarians and passersby, smoking cigarettes and acting up for the four-person film crew he had arrived with. He is being filmed for a series on Spy TV, and he seemed to be enjoying the attention. He chatted into the camera, he laughed into the camera, he came up close to the lens and stuck his tongue out at the camera....

"McAfee argued that he should be president because only he has the skills to address the problem of internet security.... 'I will win,' McAfee added. 'I would win the general election. Because I know who I am, I know my talents, and I know what my limits are. And I’ve been around long enough to know people’s minds.'

"McAfee began his debate performance with an unorthodox opening statement: 'I don’t have a statement prepared'.... He sat back down. He had used 30 seconds of his allotted two minutes....

"After the debate, Johnson and others hung around to chat and shake hands. But McAfee had had enough. He jumped up and marched out, his film crew scurrying behind him. He seemed to have lost some of his rock star pizzazz. 'I’m 70 years old, and I’ve been talking all day.'

"Asked what he thought of the debate, he said: 'It was boring, as all debates are, and utter nonsense.'"

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