Thursday, March 2, 2017

Poll finds most Canadians distrust governments

Majority of Canadians distrust government: poll suggests - Home | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio:

February 16, 2017 - "In a recent Edelman poll, only 43 per cent of Canadians say they trust their government — down from 53 per cent a year earlier.

"And 80 per cent of Canadians feel the country's elites are out of touch.

"The findings in the so-called Trust Barometer survey conducted annually by public relations firm Edelman is the first time in 17 years that Canada has joined the ranks of "distruster" countries in which more than half of citizens say they distrust their civic institutions.

"Author and journalist Susan Delacourt says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be really concerned. This spike in distrust and cynicism is the same sentiment that propelled Donald Trump to the White House, and it is gaining ground here....

"Compared to a year ago after Prime Minister Trudeau was first elected, Delacourt says trust in government and the media has slipped 10 per cent.

"The decline in numbers, Delacourt suggests, is most likely because of what is unfolding in the U.S. before and after Trump's election.

"'We saw a year in which the media and and the people inside the political bubble had failed to anticipate Brexit and failed to anticipate Trump. And I think that people out there are noticing,' Delacourt tells Lynch.

"In September, Delacourt wrote a column suggesting Prime Minister Trudeau and U.S. President Trump have 'similar disruptive styles to politics.' 'Trudeau ran as an outsider. I don't know if you remember the first day of the 2015 election campaign. He was the leader who chose not to be in Ottawa. He portrayed Ottawa as a problem'....

"The challenge for Trudeau to restore trust in Canadians, according to Delacourt, is to live up to the promise made in his speeches, which is to connect people back to politics."

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