Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Liberty Festival loses venue after bomb threat

ANTIFA Terror Threats Cause Venue to Drop Libertarian Festival; Event Now in Jeopardy | The Liberty Conservative - Shane Trejo:

March 25, 2017 - "Terror threats from ANTIFA leftists have put next weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival in jeopardy. After left-libertarians released a call to arms vowing resistance, bomb threats were allegedly called in to the Hilton in Harrisburg, who were forced to cancel the event.

“To me, it is horrifying that in the United States a fringe group can get away with its threats of violence, but such is the world in which we live,” event organizer Steve Scheetz said in a public Facebook post explaining the situation.

"The entire controversy arose after a debate was scheduled between former Libertarian Party Senate hopeful Augustus Invictus and Will Coley of Muslims for Liberty on the issue of border security. ANTIFA-aligned left-libertarians took umbrage with the fact that Invictus, who they allege to be a fascist without any clear evidence, was allowed to speak at the event. Instead of finding a like-minded group that doesn’t respect the values of free speech and free expression, they declared war against the event instead."
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Steve Scheetz, Facebook: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am VERY sad to say that the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival will not be held at the Hilton in Harrisburg. We are working on an alternate venue at the moment, and information about that will be available soon for those traveling. However, in the mean time, to those of you who have reservations at the Hilton, Please cancel them at your earliest convenience. Mention the Festival to make certain that you are not charged any fees for canceling.

"Apparently, Antifa had called in potential bomb threats, sabotage against the hotel, and promised violence....

"Again, we are working on an alternative venue, the location will be announced once it is known, though there will not be much time between then and when we are going to start our event, so stay tuned! ....

"PLEASE do not call the hotel and complain... This is NOT their fault."
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