Thursday, March 16, 2017

Marine veteran Rohrman running for NJ governor

Meet your Libertarian candidate for N.J. governor | - Brent Johnson:

March 15, 2017 - "New Jersey's Libertarian Party has nominated Peter Rohrman, a Marine veteran from Bergen County, to run in this year's race to succeed Chris Christie as the Garden State's governor.

"Rohrman, 47, of Ramsey, has never held elected office. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for Bergen County freeholder in 2015.

"Rohrman works for an operations director for an internet-service provider and is a single father with two teenage boys.

"The party said his platform will include tax reform, school choice, legalizing marijuana, and ending corporate welfare.

"'I believe in maximizing personal freedom,' Rohrman said in a statement. 'I cherish the Constitution and every one of the rights afforded to us in the "Bill of Rights.'

"The party picked Karese Laguerre, 32, a dental hygienist from Sayreville, to run with Rohrman as his prospective lieutenant governor. Laguerre had been running an independent campaign for governor.

"Rohrman faces long odds in November's general election. There are 6,100 registered Libertarians in New Jersey, the third most of any political party in the state. But that's compared to 2 million Democrats and 1.2 million Republicans."

"In the 2013 governor's race, Libertarian candidate Kenneth Kaplan drew 12,000 votes, finishing third to Christie, the Republican nominee, with 1.2 million votes, and then-state Sen. Barbara Buono, the Democratic nominee, with 800,000 votes."

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