Monday, May 8, 2017

BC Libertarian Michael Cambridge interviewed

BC Libertarian candidate calls for less government regulation - Melanie Green, Squamish Chief:

May 3,2017 - "One more contender is joining the provincial race to represent the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding. Michael Cambridge, a Squamish resident, is the BC Libertarian Party candidate....

Q: Can you explain what you – as a member of the BC Libertarian Party – stand for in regards to government?  A: Essentially, we believe that no individual or group has a right to initiate force on another individual, that we own the fruits of our labour and that we are personally responsible for our actions. All are pretty easy to agree with on the surface, but the implications can lead to some challenging conclusions, for sure....

Q: How would you deal with affordability in Squamish?  A: Removing artificial barriers, eliminate the obstacles to finding and/or renting a home and allow supply to meet demand. Government puts up artificial barriers in the name of sustainable growth and safety, but ultimately this leads to a lack of affordable homes for residents.... Over 80 per cent of the land in Vancouver is zoned for single-family residential only. We would work with municipalities to reduce development costs, streamline building permit processes and simplify and accelerate rezoning.

Q: What is your position on education?  A: Parents have a right to choose where their kids go to school and how they are educated. I know that there isn’t one method of schooling that will work for every child. We have a platform that aims to empower parents to choose what they feel is right for their children....

Q: Do you support regional transit? If so, how would that work for Squamish and where would the cost be?  A: I think we need to eliminate government monopoly on public transportation. Allowing individuals to use apps like Uber and Lyft would be a step in the right direction. We should make it easier for private companies and individuals to compete in this area. Our party believes competition leads to efficiency and lower prices for consumers."

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