Wednesday, May 31, 2017

GOP the gang that can't govern straight

ELAM: GOP majority can’t pass a legislation - Odessa American - Dennis Elam:

May 7, 2017 - "Congressional Republicans can finally lay claim to creating a single, unifying event. Just today Karl Rove (American Crossroads), Rich Lowry (National Review), Dan Henninger (Wall Street Journal) and Ann Coulter (Author of “In Trump We Trust”) all agree on one thing: The Republicans are the gang that can’t govern straight. Indeed, after explaining why Trump should be president, Ann has dropped her Trump book from the list of publications on her own website!

"Harry Browne, former Libertarian candidate for president, observed that if one party were to disappear, it would be the Republicans, not the Democrats. As he put it, Democrats are all about telling someone else what to do, and there is always a market for that. Republicans, however are for, well, what? After campaigning non-stop since 2010 for repeal and replacing Obamacare, a second vote today on a replacement plan remains in jeopardy. The minority Democrats managed to eliminate budget funds for Trump’s wall and Planned Parenthood remains funded. Game, set, match, anyone?

"Dissatisfaction with endless Republican promises and resulting non-performance catapulted the unlikely Trump candidacy into the White House. But after begging for re-control of the House, the Senate and then the White House, all boxes are checked and yet stalemate prevails.

"Electing the ultimate outsider (previously Trump was a Democrat) has its problems. No one in Congress owes him anything. Passing legislation is a team effort, saying 'you’re fired' accomplishes nothing. Last week in Pennsylvania he attacked the press. Instead, rallying the audience to call congress and demand health care action might have gotten some wavering votes onto the table.

"Cal Thomas observed that when Democrats get power, they know how to use it. We can’t say that about Republicans."

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