Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cuban Libertarian Party spokesman disappeared

Spokesman of the Cuban Libertarian Party Kidnapped by State Police | The Liberty Conservative - Diego Rivera, Liberty Conservative:

May 24, 2017 - "Cuban Libertarian Party spokesman Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand was kidnapped by the Cuban Police ... State Security shows he is not in the records. Chartrand will either be held hostage or sent to the gulag. According to Mises Cuba, 'Chartrand was scheduled to meet up at the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library but never made it.'  This is not uncommon and is actually a norm for the state’s treatment of political prisoners.

"In fact, the Cuban Libertarian Party (Partido Libertario Cubano - Jose Marti) was founded after two members of Mises Cuba were arrested for promoting free markets, small governments, and freedom. According to Tho Bishop, Director of Social Media Marketing at the Mises Institute:

"''[Ubaldo Herrera] Hernandez, who also oversees the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library project, was charged with the crime of [assault], a common charge for political opponents. According to Mises Cuba and the PanAmPost, Hernandez was arrested after refusing to show ID to an undercover officer working for state security forces.'

"The Chair of the Libertarian National Committee has come out in defense of the two activists and said: 'Hernandez and Velazquez are political prisoners whose actions have harmed no one and damaged no property. We stand in solidarity with our fellow freedom fighters in Cuba.'

"A further message from the Libertarian Party states: 'The Libertarian National Committee of the United States condemns the arrest and detention of political dissidents Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velazquez, who have been detained by the Cuban government since their arrest on February 2'....

"You can message the Cancilleria de Cuba on Facebook or tweet them at @CubaMINREX. Right now letting them know that the world is watching could potentially help. Often it is public exposure that can stop the abuse of civil liberties or actually save lives."

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  1. They don't allow anyone to post where other people can see it, of course, but I messaged them, and added a note that I (& hopefully other Canadian libertarians) will continue advocating the revocation of diplomatic relations, as well as the termination of all foreign aid to the bastards. (That, of course, will never happen with that Castro sycophant as PM, but I think it's something libertarians should continuously advocate. I actually think it should be in the party platform...)

  2. An update, via Reason magazine: according to a report from L.P. Nevada activist Zach Foster via other Cuban activists, "After over 24 hours' disappearance, Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand has emerged and is in contact with the party leaders. He was beaten and shaken, but in one piece. The Cuban LP has even more reason now to conclude State Security agents are responsible."

    In an IM interview this afternoon, Foster reports via his Cuban sources that Chartrand was "leaving his adult son's house with a box of books to be donated to the new Libertarian Library by LP Spain (P-LIB). The men who attacked him were dressed like common street thugs, but: knew exactly where to find him; they knew what time to find him; they used sophisticated takedown and holding techniques indicative of a law enforcement background; not only did they steal the cash relief money for the prisoner Ubaldo's mother, but...... They stole the libertarian political economy books, and dropped him off stranded in the middle of nowhere to walk back to Havana.