Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Democrats warn Students for Liberty sponsors

Ocasio-Cortez tries to deplatform libertarian students by shaming their funders - The College Fix - Greg Piper:

January 29, 2019 - "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... turned her wrath on big tech companies last week.... AOC, as she’s popularly known, is mad that they sponsored a libertarian student conference.

"She responded to a report by the progressive magazine Mother Jones that Google donated $25,000, and Facebook and Microsoft $10,000 each, to sponsor Students for Liberty’s LibertyCon. That is unacceptable ... because LibertyCon’s other sponsors include 'three groups known for their work attacking climate change science and trying to undermine efforts to reduce carbon emissions,' including the CO2 Coalition, which ran an exhibit and sponsored a panel discussion on the benefits of carbon dioxide.

"In her Friday letter to the three tech CEOs, jointly written with Maine Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree, Ocasio-Cortez scolded the companies for going off-message by sponsoring a conference 'that included a session denying established science on climate change.... [T]he example you have set promoting sustainability and evidence-based science is compromised by your implicit support of the session organized at LibertyCon,' they wrote.... 'As you are well aware, the spreading of misinformation can be dangerous to our society.'

"Students for Liberty responded ... Tuesday, accusing Ocasio-Cortez and Pingree of [trying] to 'control what dialogue is acceptable within society.... Trying to denormalize Students For Liberty and pressuring our generous sponsors to stop engaging with us at LibertyCon is a common tactic of extremist ideas and actors. Attempting to discredit those who are willing to participate in civil and open discussion across the political spectrum is a tactic to ensure there is only one side represented.'

"CEO Wolf von Laer said the tech companies sponsored the conference 'to participate in our technology policy sessions, not to debate climate change solutions, or the countless other topics covered at LibertyCon'.... The lawmakers should 'engage in productive debates about pragmatic climate change policies rather than using their positions of power to execute a smear campaign,' he said.

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