Friday, January 4, 2019

People's Party organized in all federal ridings

Bernier says People's Party set up in all 338 ridings ahead of 2019 election | National Observer - Canadian Press:

January 2, 2019 - "The People's Party of Canada says it has reached its goal of setting up 338 riding associations as it sets its sights on being a competitive force in the upcoming federal election.

"In an email to supporters, leader Maxime Bernier says the move amounts to a "gift of hope" for Canadians seeking to bring back freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect to the country....

"The party's platform is still being finalized, but its website says positions taken by Bernier in the Conservative leadership race — such as a pitch to phase out supply management for the dairy sector — will form the basis for its policies.

"Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer defeated Bernier for the federal Tory leadership by a slim margin in May 2017.

"Bernier has accused the Tories of abandoning conservatives, adding the party has 'nothing of substance' to offer Canadians seeking a political alternative."

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