Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anarchism articles hit 1,000 reads

One of my 2009 articles on the libertarian anarchism / minarchism dispute, "Childs's argument for anarchism," gained its 1,000th read in February, ending the month with 1,018. I had hoped to announce that both of my 2009 articles on the subject had passed that milestone; alas, the other, "'Government or Anarchy?' revisited", ended February with just 999 reads. (It's since passed 1,000.)

Other articles of mine that crossed the 1,000 threshhold last month were "Injustice at Nolan Chart!", a 2008 spoof based on Alperovitz & Daly's book Unjust Deserts (1,009); and "ACLU sues Transportation Security Administration over Ron Paul staffer's detention" (1,003), about the 2009 airport detention of Steve Bierfeldt.

Last but certainly not least was February's own "Ron Paul money bomb raises over $400,000," which gained more than 1,000 readers in just 24 hours, and finished the month with 1,207.

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