Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Tea Party Goes to Washington | CAIVN

The Tea Party Goes to Washington | CAIVN - W.E. Messamore, Mar. 26, 2011

"Book review: The Tea Party Goes to Washington by Rand Paul with Jack Hunter

"In the early days of Rand Paul's campaign, back when it was just an exploratory committee, there was only Rand and his campaign spokesman-- a tall, well-mannered, southern man in his early thirties who would tell me how badly our country needed someone like Rand Paul in a position of political leadership. He donated his meager salary right back to Rand Paul's fledgling exploratory committee each month.

"Back then the Kentucky ophthalmologist's prospects looked rather bleak. In retrospect, it's all too easy to view Rand Paul's election to the United States Senate with some aura of historical inevitability, but the truth is that no one was at all certain how far Rand would go back in May of 2009 ... "

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