Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Bleeding Heart Libertarians | The Volunteer - Peter Jaworski, Mar. 11, 2011:

"There’s something of a growing movement afoot, a new kind of fusionism, and a surprising disentangling of former alliances. The new fusionism is liberal & libertarian.... It started, more or less, with a seminal [2006] article by Brink Lindsay, formerly of the Cato Institute, called “Liberaltarians”. In it, Lindsay argued for a new alliance between liberals and libertarians, and urged the further dissolution of the old alliance between traditionalists and libertarians.

"The article caused something of a stir after its publication in the New Republic. Slowly, others joined the movement, or came out of the closet as having always been liberal in cultural attitudes.... Foremost amongst these early adopters was Will Wilkinson, also formerly of the Cato Institute and now, amongst other gigs and duties, a blogger for The Economist....

"Most recently, and most excitingly, a group of academics the three of us respect a great deal have started an academic blog called 'Bleeding heart libertarians.' That blog is full of young intellectuals who are trying to break the association of libertarianism with natural rights theories, and with traditionalist attitudes."

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