Monday, March 7, 2011

rEVOLution 2.0 -- The case for a Ron Paul Presidential campaign in 2012

The case for a Ron Paul Presidential campaign in 2012 - George Dance, Nolan Chart, March 6, 2011:

"Should Ron Paul run for POTUS once again in 2012? Of course. From the perspective of the rEVOLution (as defined), there is no better candidate.

"First, Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential campaign, and so far only Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential campaign, has shown itself able to mobilize the cadre -- both as boots on the ground, and as donor base -- that the freedom movement requires to be a credible vehicle for political change. (1)

"Second, a significant portion of that cadre is still connected, in a spontaneous order, via the internet.... These seasoned rEVOLutionaries are not only willing to march behind Paul again; for the most part, they are demanding that he get in front right now and start leading them."

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  1. I wanted this second article to be a blockbuster; so it had to get onto Google News. Therefore I dropped the "rEVOLution" prefix. (I might restore it later.)

    That worked - GN gsve me a nice listing, for 6 hours or so the top story for anyone who searched "Ron Paul". The article had hit the top of all three Nolan Chart charts in three hours, and topped 1,000 reads in under 18.

    Every internet writer dreams of having an article go viral. Could this be it?