Thursday, October 6, 2011

It’s not all about winning for Ontario’s fringe parties | The Toronto Observer

It’s not all about winning for Ontario’s fringe parties | The Toronto Observer - Mersiha Gadzo::

Oct. 5, 2011 - "The Freedom, Libertarian and Communist parties are just some of the lesser-known contenders running candidartes in the Oct. 6 provincial election....

"'We’re getting a little more attention,' said Jim McIntosh, treasurer of the Ontario Libertarian Party. 'I’m not sure why but in this year alone, we’ve had more inquiries and new members than we’ve had in the previous two'....

"McIntosh explained the Libertarian Party is running because it believes there should be less government involved in people’s lives.

"The government passes hundreds of laws every year and imposes thousands of regulations on businesses, farmers and individuals, he said. That sort of intrusion, he said, hurts business. He pointed to the province’s smoking ban in bars, which he said resulted in a number of them going out of business.

“'Why bother [going] to a bar if you can’t smoke while having a beer?' McIntosh asked."

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