Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ron Paul ramps up campaign spending - Dan Hirschhorn -

Ron Paul ramps up campaign spending - Dan Hirschhorn -

Oct. 15, 2011 - "Paul’s heavy campaign burn-rate emerged in his third-quarter campaign finance report filed Saturday, which showed him raising about $8.2 million for the period but also spending $7.5 million. He finished the quarter with $3.6 million in the bank. The largest costs came in the form of more than $2 million spent on TV and direct-mail advertising....

"The burn-rate stands in stark contrast to the same period during his 2008 campaign, when he raised $5.2 million and spent only $2.1 million. And Paul’s campaign says that’s exactly the point. Last time, Paul strategists believe, the campaign waited too long to staff up and capitalize on the surge of interest and online donations that fueled his run."

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