Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama… : ThyBlackMan.com

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama… : ThyBlackMan.com:

Oct. 10, 2011 - "Make no mistake about it. This election boils down to a contest between Ron Paul and Barack Obama. None of the other Republicans is different enough, or powerful enough, to entice the country to change horses in midstream. Yes, they sound different, but would any of them end the wars or stop the upward flow of wealth to a fewer and fewer few? Ron Paul would stop the wars, and as for reversing the increasing concentration of wealth, who knows, but he would move to radically alter our financial structure. And that is why they say he doesn’t have a chance. But unless they nominate him, neither do the Republicans....

Not only does Ron Paul have a strong base with the young, he also has demonstrated great strength with “values voters,” and in a final showdown he may garner the lion’s share of Tea Party ballots. Meanwhile, Obama’s base amongst the youth is shrinking, and there is debate in the Black community about giving him unquestioning support.... No matter what the experts in the press would have us believe, Obama’s only serious opponent is Ron Paul. Conditions on the ground, in the economy and the society may well result in a Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama contest."

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