Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Donnelly has resisted government since childhood

Resisting government since childhood - The Cornwall Standard Freeholder - Ontario - Greg Peerenboom:

Oct. 1, 2011 - "Provincial Libertarian Party candidate Darcy Neal Donnelly remembers a childhood scrape with the Canadian Army, no less, that shaped his outlook on life.... 'I've been running away from the government all my life,' he said, joining the dots from his army 'skirmish' to now.

"But Donnelly has turned around and decided to make a stand, becoming a libertarian only within the last six months.... When the spring federal election was called, he expressed apathy for the other parties.... But he researched deeper into the so-called fringe parties, and discovered the Libertarians.... 'I told them I wanted to spread the word,' he said, rationalizing the campaign is [more] about publicity than about winning....

"He said Libertarians would make it illegal for a government to create currency or deposits that exceed the value of economic assets.

"Donnelly points out that government has made people into slaves through the value of government currency. Instead, he said people should have the freedom to choose how they would be paid.

"For example, he said it's wrong for the government to stipulate that gold is not to be used as compensation for work.

"Government's involvement in daily lives, he said, is strangling society.

"Small business owners, in particular, are left to deal with hours of red tape, siphoning off energy better used for operating the business."

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